Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter Body Lotion

I really do love collecting different lotions, butters and body scrubs; nothing beats the feeling of having moisturized skin. On a browse of the Soap and Glory aisles I spotted this little product and decided to give it a go!

For only £10 you do get a lot for your money as I've been using it for a while and have barely used up a quarter of it. I mostly enjoy using this after a shower because it immediately sinks into your skin. This spares you from the  dreaded situation of sitting around waiting for lotions to dry before you can get on with your life! This lotion leaves my skin feeling moisturized and nourished fast. I love the smell of it too:it's such a light slightly flowery scent which is perfect for post shower  skincare. If you're next in boots give this a go(it'll be even more irresistible when the 3 for 2 is on). I know that I will so be re-buying this when it runs out.



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