July Favourties

July Favourties
It has really been heating up here in the UK with temperatures reaching the giddy heights of 27 degrees (I know). This may seem ridiculous to those of you who live in hot countries every day of the year but this change of scenery has seen me reaching for new products that have long been gathering dust. My love for them is now reignited so lets cut with the rambling and actually talk about the products shall we? 

  1. MAC studio sculpt foundation in NC44 - When first using it I layered it on far too thick and instantly dismissed it as too "unnatural looking". However having harnessed the power of my elf studio stipple brush this summer, I've been able to spread this foundation nice and sheer if I do say so myself.  Covers all that needs to be gone, nice semi-matte finish and looks flawless for that summer evening meal: what more could you ask for?
2. Nars Laguna Bronzer - Ahh that good old cult classic and I bet you're almost sick of hearing about it. However I can't help but mention it as it has featured on my face almost daily this month. I am quite dark skinned so laguna is only 1 or 2 shades darker than my skin tone and this makes for a nice natural glow bar the dreaded orange-ness that seems to feature in far too many bronzers these days. Laguna: I love you. 

3. Benefit's Erase Paste - Weather that's heating up often makes me lazy in the whole foundation department so this month I found myself picking up this gem much more regularly. A nice pasty (states the obvious) creamy texture smoothed over the skin  covered up those problem areas beautifully. Summer pursuits at the park? Skip foundation and jump to this: thank me later. 

4. Vera Wang Lovestruck- Summer scent offering to the forefront if you please. Such a gorgeous light smell that's not too flowery. Smells fantastically feminine and is great to spritz just before you leave the house; or even at home what the heck? (The bottle also looks pretty on the dresser too)

5. Stila 'In the Light Palette' - The palette I often forget I have was making waves this month. A pretty mixture of shimmer with some matte shades to see you through these months. 'Kitten' dusted all over the lid with 'Sandstone' in the outer v makes for some pretty daily lid action. 


  1. Any temperature over 23/24 degrees gets me super moody; I do not do well in hot temperatures T_T

    I have the Stila palette, but I'm a victim of not wearing it often (I haven't even played around with it that much yet, haha._.''). I'll have to try the Kitten + Sandstone combination then!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. ikr we were just not meant for hot temperatures!
      Delve into it a bit more!the eyeshadows are so pigmented!
      x x x x

    2. and sunset is so gorgeous too! Ugh, this palette really hit the nail on the head with gorgeous, warmer shades!

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